In my native language Shona (a Bantu language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe), Hama means friends and family. When I need guidance or advice, I always turn to my family.

The inspiration for Hama beauty comes from my own troubles finding makeup and skincare products that work for me, without needing to search through hundreds of products and spending money on things that might not work.

I've always had the best luck when I ask for recommendations from my friends or family who either have similar skin tones or skin needs, and I wanted to bring that same access to people around the world! With Hama, you too can get personalized beauty advice from people just like you, and make more informed purchases.

Thank you to my amazing friends and family for supporting me and always encouraging me to chase my dreams.

Maita (Thank You!),

Tari Kandemiri, Founder of Hama Beauty Inc.

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